Trevor Profile
Biographical information
Other names Unknown
Titles The Helicopter Guy
Birth 18 March 1975, England
Weapons Luger Pistol
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height About 1.75m
Eye color Green
Hair color Dark brown
Skin color Light flesh
Chronological and political information
  • Pilot
  • None
  • None

Trevor, Michael Rosen's best friend, was born on the 18th of March, 1975. He is known to be a very skilled pilot who has gone on plenty of adventures with Michael Rosen. He is the only known person (as of now) to survive Harrybo's corrosive diarrhea.

Adventures with MichaelEdit

In September 2007, Trevor and Michael encountered the demon Drahcir, who was known for cutting off male genitalia. While Michael was able to dodge the demon, Trevor ended up getting his penis cut off by the demon. Trevor's penis ended up flying off on its own and getting away from him. A few days after, Trevor was found in Michael's fridge, and said that he wanted his penis back. 

On Halloween 2007, Trevor and Michael were captured and taken to another dimension by Rotcepsni. After Michael woke up from death, he had brought back Trevor's penis to him (though he tried eating it at first, and tried to make Michael eat his rainbow-colored feces, too). Once he got it back, Michael brought a mech suit and took the fight to Rotcepsni, before the demon and his mother disappeared. 

In February 2009, Trevor got a call early in the morning from Michael, who informed him that he and his crew were stuck on the Island of the Plums. Trevor than showed up in his helicopter and resuced Michael, George, and Mervin from the island.