The Tomato is a fabled vegetable, said to bestow whoever takes a bite of it's fleshy goodness with the sweetest juice known to man. It is said that some people are willing to give their right arm to obtain such fruit. Michael Rosen used to hate tomatoes when he was a kid, but then he decided to stop being a faggot and enjoyed the wonderful vegetable. Seeing The Harrybo Company as a threat to all mankind, the tomatoes decided to assist Michael Rosen during the Battle of the Red Sea sending one of their finest warriors, A TOMATO. Sadly he was killed by a furious gay pedophile in the battle's aftermath. His death was avenged by Michael Rosen as he banged the head of the furious gay pedophile against a rock really hard and fast until he died.

Pee-Wee Herman (1988)

The furious gay pedophile responsible for a tomato's death.


A fat red tomato. Mhhhm, you can almost taste the sweet juice.