The Michael Rosen Map is a magical item that leads you to The Island of the Plums. It is made out of paper and The Harrybo Company seek it for its power.

Looks Edit

As any treasure map, The Michael Rosen Map is Rectangular, around 25x40 cm and weighs very little. Michael Rosen stated in The Michael Rosen Map Trilogy that the map is made out of Magic Plums. Well, actually, it was made out of paper.

Power Edit

As stated by Michael Rosen in the The Michael Rosen Map Trilogy, once you own The Michael Rosen Map, you have to go to The Island of the Plums. There, you can find Magic Plums, Which grant you many powers such as immortality, super strength and returning physical forms. That's why The Harrybo Company desires to go there, to become the ultimate power.

Owners Edit

The first known owner is the shopowner of the Samons The Iron Toenail Shop, where Michael Rosen first discovered the Michael Rosen Map. The shopowner was later killed by a passing speed train. The ownership now moved from him to Michael Rosen. After a lot of adventure, Michael Rosen lost the map. He searched The Island of the Plums for it, but nothing... At the end of The Michael Rosen Map Trilogy, George takes it out of his pocket, along with three Magic Plums.

Michael Rosen and The Michael Rosen Map

Photograph of Michael Rosen amd The Michael Rosen Map

Appearances Edit

The Michael Rosen Map only appears in The Michael Rosen Map Trilogy, but it has been hunted by The Harrybo Company and The Demon Overlord for many years.