Shitblaster design 1

One of the first shitblaster designs.

Shit blasters are very dangerous weapons, capable of blasting one's head off in one shot. There are many different shitblaster designs, and many users tend to modify the blasters themselves to fit their needs. The weakest shitblaster is the size of a gun and can only shoot a shitbullet, capable of carving a smaller hole into one's body, which can be fatal once used correctly.

Usage and ResultsEdit

Some of the more powerful shitblasters are capable of firing (or shitting) an entire blast of crap at the target, which can blow his/her/its head straight off. In 1972, an army of Harrybo Company soldiers working under orders from Queen Fatass were armed with these weapons when surrounding Harold and Connie Rosen in their crackhouse hideout. In 1993, a criminal broke out of prison and stole a prototype of a very dangerous shitblaster to end up using it near Japan, causing the hugest shit tsunami ever measured. Not long after, the criminal was arrested while loading dead Skyfoogles into a truck. (Which stranded all around Japan after the shit tsunami)

Some shitblasters come with chain-reaction modifications, giving you the ability to destroy multiple targets in one hit, but this mod is one that is very hard to get.

The worst possible wound you could receive from a shitblaster would be... well, acidification of your entire body if you've been shot with the worst kind of shit blaster.

Shitblaster in battle

A shitblaster in battle.