Queen Fatass
Queen fatass

Biographical information
Other names Queen Fatty (real name unknown)
Titles Unknown
Birth 9 January 1949, Cunningham, Scotland
Weapons Shotgun, shitgun
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 1.77m
Eye color Grey
Hair color Brown
Skin color Pale
Chronological and political information
  • Agent
  • Spy
  • None

Queen Fatass is a "dangerous" agent of the Harrybo Company. She has devoted her life to hunting down the Harold and Connie Rosen, after witnessing their maniacal acts firsthand.

At The Cafe Shooting, she called 999, and upon being asked by the police what happened, she replied "Are You Fucking Blind You Shitheads?!? Theres blood all over the walls!"

Not long after, she began tracking the Rosens activities. At The Airport Massacre, she appeared to have some knowledge of the Rosens intentions, firing a machine gun at them.

A week later, Queen Fatass and an army of Harrybo Company soldiers and policemen cornered Harold and Connie Rosen in a crackhouse. The Queen killed Georgybo before taking the Rosens into custody.

Queen Fatass led the Rosens to the Harrybo Company headquarters, and was preparing to imprison them there. Upon stepping out of an elevator and going into a hallway, a mysterious lights appears on the other side. Out of the light steps Michael Plumson, who reveals that Harold and Connie Rosen got in the way of him killing Queen Fatass at the cafe where the shooting took place 8 months prior. Plumson tracked her down since then, and pulled out a purple energy weapon, while Queen Fatass pulled out her shotgun. The outcome of the duel remains unknown.