"Do you want an apple?"

Phuck the Clown was one of the most dangerous weapon dealers and murdering psychopaths in recorded history. His origins are unknown, but it is likely that his childhood was very traumatising and painful. Phuck the Clown would often go on killing sprees, while wearing a creepy (and somewhat gay) clown suit. His huge backside was his main ASSet, because he was able to conceal a Bazooka  there. Phuck the Clown was a close friend of the Rosen family and would frequently supply Michael Rosen's parents with weapons used in their numerous killing sprees. He ultimately met his demise at the hands of Michael Rosen, when the latter was unsatisfied with his birthday presents and killed all of the birthday guests. It is unknown, why Phuck The Clown did not defend himself. Perhaps he was unable to pull the bazooka out of his ass.