Lollipop lady, without a lollypop in her ass (thankfully)

Lollipop Lady (real name unknown) was a female, who was present during the great cafe massacre of 1972 . Not much about her is known; it has been established, however, that she has a rather disturbing fetish. She likes to stick lollipops in her rectum. Thankfully, this sick individual died during the massacre.

Lollipop Techniques Edit

It is known that Lollipop Lady likes to stick a lollipop waaay up her ass. She likes it so much that she created a couple of video tapes (yes, those existed in 1972) to show us the special techniques she uses. The videos were later found by other people, which lead to a mas lollipooping.

Here are some amazing moves that will blow your mind and distroy your penis ass:

  1. Make sure that you insert the lollipop correctly: The lollipop must be pink and must be inserted with the tip up.
  2. Buy a lollipop extender: If you really like lollipooping, you may want to buy a lollipop extender. It's a stick that you glue tot the lollipop. This way you can stick it waaaay up your ass, like really really far.
  3. The bigger the better: It is better that you buy big lollipops. As you can see in Lollipop Lady's photo, that is the perfect size of lollipop. Lollipop Lady's favorite flavor was pink gum.
  4. Plum fuckers: If you engage in lollipooping, you could try inserting in your ASS a magic plum, then you can shoot lasers out of your ass.
  5. Lick it "really good": After you're done take the lollipop and lick it. It must be contained of all of its juices before you throw it away. Lollipop Lady suggests licking the lollipop before and after, for maximum pleasure.
  6. Do not drink water when lollipooping: I repeat. Do NOT drink water. If you do that, a demon will come to your house and arrest you for mass murder. Do not ask me or Lollipop Lady how that works. I have no idea.
  7. Happy lollipooping!