Harold Rosen

Harold Rosen

Harold in 2008 (after losing his moustache)

Biographical information
Other names


Titles Michael Rosen's Dad
Birth 25 June 1919
Weapons Bombs, long rifle, grenades, pistol, bazooka
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.68m or something
Eye color Green
Hair color White
Skin color Light flesh
Chronological and political information
  • Former Educationalist
  • Demolitionist

Harold Rosen was born on the 25th of June, 1919, and is Michael Rosen's father. Harold has a long and colorful past from blowing innocent people into smithereens to saving his son Michael from Harrybo and the diarrheafoogle, is an expert in the art of crafting and deploying various types of explosives. During the cafe shooting, he showed these skills by covering the edges of the building with bombs, and force-feeding a bomb to a terrifying food inspector.

Early LifeEdit

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On 04/20/1972, Michael's father was sent to prison along with Michael's mum after commiting mass murder. After 3 weeks of being exiled in that "shithole", an eight-year old named Toenail Pizza made a deal with them. If they were to bring him the two items that he requested, he would break them out. Michael's father was very impatient at the time, so he asked him to break them out first. Toenail Pizza agreed,  took out a knife and banged it into a security guard's head, resulting in him keeling over and dying. Toenail Pizza then dropped 48 bombs at the door, and yelled "Get out of the way!" The bombs then detonated, and Michael's parents ran to freedom. An obese police officer stopped them, and Toenail Pizza grabbed a baseball bat out of his ass and started to beat up the officer. He then gave Michael's parents all kinds of guns to escape with, and that is what they did. Toenail Pizza never got the two items he requested; a bag of plums and some clitsauce to go along with it.

The Poop WarsEdit

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