Michael Rosen GrenadeV2

Michael Rosen using a grenade in combat (created by ThEgRaNdArBiTeR)


the Mk 2 hand grenade

Grenade is an explosive that can be thrown by hand. while many grenades exist, the Rosen Family prefers to use a specific model of a grenade known as the Mk 2 hand grenade. The most common way the Rosen family uses a grenade (or any explosive) is by forcibly shoving a grenade into an enemy's mouth.


One notable example is when Harold Rosen used hundreds of grenades to kill 48 Airport security guards, and to destroy Manchester Airport during the Manchester Airport massacre.

Another notable example is when Michael Rosen used a grenade to try to kill Richard (Toenail Pizza) during the Battle of the Red Sea.


While police and Military officials carry grenades on a holster, Michael Rosen and Michael Plumson are able to carry grenades in their ears. During the Manchester Airport massacre, Harold Rosen was able to carry hundreds of grenades in his pocket.