Foogie is a mentally psychotic(registered) person who lived in a very poor part of Dalston, London during his life. Most

Foogie, laughing at Michael Rosen after seeing Michael's disapproval at his present.

of the time, he likes to do something illegal and/or bothering to someone else, just for a loud, eerie, and depending if you're a victim or not-funny laugh. He has been to prison and a mental institution way more than Michael Rosen has, and has escaped multiple times. He was introduced into the series when attending Michael Rosen's 67th birthday party. He came there with a large box, and inside were tins full of screw-yous. Some rumors say that he plotted with the party participants before the party to give Michael rather "Shit" presents, giving him a horrible birthday experience, and satisfaction for Foogie. Shortly after Phuck The Clown gave his present to Michael, Foogie was slain from "The Michael Rosen Murder" or "The Michael Rosen Hunt".