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 are explosive devices that come in many forms, such as time bombs, fuse bombs, bombs that break up in the air into a hundred smaller bombs, etc. Harold Rosen mainly uses time bombs, motion-detection bombs, and fuse bombs. He used a time bomb to blow up a Manchester airplane, a fuse bomb to stuff into a terrifying food-inspector's mouth, and motion-detection bombs to surround the cafe in The Cafe Shooting (1972). Toenail Pizza only uses fuse bombs, and he used them when breaking Michael Rosen and his parents out of prison, and when blowing up a door while hunting down Harry and Michael Rosen.

Time BombEdit


Time Bomb

A time bomb is a type of bomb that is detonated after a set amount of time, and can be defused by cutting a certain wire on the side of it. If the wrong wire is cut, the bomb will immediately explode.

Fuse BombEdit

Bomb 2

Fuse Bomb

A fuse bomb is a type of bomb that is detonated after the spark reaches the bottom of the fuse after the top is ignited. To defuse it, you must stop the spark of the fuse from reaching the bottom. The most common way of doing this is blowing on it.

Motion-Detection BombEdit

A mothion-detection bomb is a type of bomb that is detonated once motion is detected by a sensor attached to it. The only way to defuse it is to get rid of the motion sensor, or electronically disable it from working.

Skull BombEdit

The Skull bomb is a special Demon bomb. All that we know about it is that it looks like a skull on fire, and that it can kill anyone with one hit.

Skull Bomb