The baseball bat is a weapon used by Toenail Pizza, which he hides inbetween the cheeks of his gluteus maximus. It comes in many different variations, and the one used by Toenail Pizza is the golden baseball bat.

Wooden Baseball BatEdit

The weakest/though most common baseball bat is the wooden baseball bat. It does not have the strength to kill a human, but at most it will severely injure them. Nobody uses this weapon because of that.

Titanium Baseball BatEdit

The titanium baseball bat is strong enough to penetrate through a human's skull and kill them if the wielder is strong enough.

Golden Baseball BatEdit

The golden baseball bat has the same strength as the titanium baseball bat, though this type was created by the Harrybo Company for torture and assassination.

Toenail Pizza used this type of baseball bat at the first time when he broke Harold and Connie Rosen out of prison. He took it out of his ass and used it to murder a security guard, before handing Harold and Connie some weapons to fight. 

Baseball Bat 3

Baseball Bat of TimeEdit

When Michael Plumson was spotted on ??/??/1999, he was seen walking around with this weapon. Only one witness told authorities that he saw him go into a time machine, so later the cops sent the man into therapy. On ??/??/2004, a group of teenagers were socializing next to an empty warehouse, and they noticed a small light flashing on and off repeatedly. They inspected the warehouse and found a metal frame labeled "TIME MACHINE." One teenager named ███ █████ stood inside of the frame to see if it was functional, and he disappeared. ███ █████ was never seen or heard from again after that event. The teenagers alerted the police and they decided that it might be linked to Michael Plumson, because the baseball bat that he had on ??/??/1999 was right next to the machine. It was then named "The Baseball Bat of Time" because of that. It is slightly stronger than the titanium baseball bat, and surprisingly light.
Baseball Bat 4